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Ways to Make Your Computer Last Longer

Keep it current

I know those updates may seem like a pain especially you’re trying to get work done. However, they are necessary maintenance for your system. The updates will not only update your computer but also make your system stable and secure. Also, don’t forget to keep your antivirus software updated.

Look before you click when you install any software

Most people make this common mistake and sometime it might cost them to fix the issue. How many time have just click “Yes” & “Next” without reading the message on the screen? In most cases, you will be fine but if you downloaded some software contain malware, then you might put yourself at risk.   

Make Sure You Have Enough RAM and Hard Drive Space

There are 3 main components – RAM (random access memory used for active programs) and your hard drive (used for things you store like videos, documents, and pictures) And CPU (the brain that does all the calculation and executing commands). Having a fast CPU doesn’t make it run faster, you need other components to make the system work.  If you got a good deal on a computer, it’s likely they gave you the bare minimum of memory and hard drive space. You can upgrade memory fairly easily, and your computer will run faster and last longer.


Solid State Drives Are an Affordable Upgrade to Increase performance and longevity

This is one of the best ways to refresh your computing experience on your current computer. They are becoming more affordable and they don’t have moving parts which runs much cooler and faster. They will increase start-up speed. You will notice your computer has a much faster respond overall.