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Do you know what does MSP stand for and what they offer to your business?

What is an MSP?

You might have read the term ‘MSP’ and wondered what it means. The abbreviation stands for ‘managed service provider’. This is a concept in which businesses outsource certain services to specialist companies. Outsourcing has long been understood as a cost-cutting move. Find out why using MSPs is advantageous and how these types of businesses operate.

What functions does a Managed Service Provider (MSP) perform?

Overwhelmingly, the term MSP applies to outsourced IT services. Particularly, the following areas of business activity are regularly performed by MSPs:

  • Managing IT infrastructure
  • Adding cybersecurity hardening to IT systems
  • Offering technical support to staff
  • Managing user access accounts on clients’ systems
  • Offering fully managed hardware outsourcing

MSPs can offer remote storage or servers and provide Software-as-a-Service. Some managed service providers just supply hard-to-find IT expertise to prevent problems on a client’s system or assist users with usage difficulties.

MSP configurations

  • The difference between an MSP and the IT department
  • Located remotely
  • Pools expertise effectively by serving several clients
  • Can serve customers in many different countries

An MSP can replace a company’s IT department entirely, or provide a single niche service. The industry is evolving to provide expertise to all points of the globe and makes cutting-edge technology available at a low price.

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